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Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)
Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)

Grow-It-LED Aegis Series S3 600W LED Grow Light (Dual-Channel/Full-Cycle)

    $999.00 $1,249.00

    Save $250.00 (20%)

    • Commercial-grade LED grow light
    • Premium Samsung LEDs
    • Premium Inventronics LED drivers
    • 160,000-hour rated cooling fans
    • High-efficacy white light spectrum
    • Replaceable, interchangeable, repairable construction
    • Polycarbonate diffuser lens for safety and plant penetration
    • Active cooling for extended service life
    • Stand-alone dimmer knob or Casambi wireless controls
    • Robust aluminum construction
    • Properly heatsinked LEDs (fixture runs cool to the touch)
    • Universal power supply (110v, 120v, 240v, 277v)
    • 5-year warranty
    • Incredible watt per $ and PPF per $
    • Free Shipping To Lower 48 USA.
    • Lowest Price Matching Guaranteed.
    • No Sales Tax! *Some Exclusions Apply.
    • Low Monthly & Interest-Free Financing Available.
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    The Aegis Series by Grow-it-LED is a commercial-grade LED grow light. This system has been designed to replace a 1000w HID lamp in a 4' x 4' to 5' x 5'  area for flowers.

    The design of this fixture utilizes active cooling to ensure LED longevity and fixture output. 100,000 hours should be expected from this fixture. The LEDs are a blend of 3000k and 5000k Samsung LM301H diodes and 660 Hyper Red Samsung 351H diodes.

    Grow-It-LED uses Inventronics drivers due to their incredible efficiency and product longevity. The S1/S2 fixtures come standard with a dimming knob and power switch. The S3 system has spectral tuning capabilities and comes standard with two dimmer knobs to control the spectrum.

    The output can be dimmed down to 1% light intensity.

    Optional: The Casambi wireless system can control each fixture individually. This allows for DLI control, sunrise/sunset functions, and spectrum tuning for the S3 models. Casambi can be used on Apple or Android devices.

    Wireless Casambi control is available for this product along with the Cool Cob Series and Excalibur Series.

      System Specifications

      Grow-It-LED's S3 Vegetative to Flower Spectrum offers high-efficiency warm and cool white diodes coupled with 660nm red for proper plant physiological growth. 




      Casambi wireless spectrum control for smartphone or manual spectrum control with potentiometer dial. Casambi wireless control also includes scheduling and daily light integral capabilities.




      Robust aluminum housing for durability, the custom-built heatsink for optimal heat dissipation, cooling fans for increased LED performance and extended life, manual on-off switch, internal power quick disconnect, internal disc thermistor for heat protection.




      Eyebolts for cable or chain attachment (standard). 4-point ratchet cables or Gripple Y-Fit toggle cables purchased separately.




      Temperature rated from - 40°F to 95°F, service life > 100,000 hours (L90), built to UL 1598 standard, BAA & RoHS compliant. 5-year product warranty. Consult the factory for extended warranties.




      S3 Veg to Flower Spectrum

      With the start to finish veg to flower control offering 1:1 R/B Veg spectrum to 2.3:1 R/B Flower Spectrum, it is a fantastic choice for specialty grow facilities that require spectrum tuning. Similar to the S2 spectrum the S3 spectrum, this spectrum gives you the flexibility to adjust the spectrum as needed throughout the growing cycle - focusing on more blue light or red light. Also, during certain times of day, this can change the final product to be more favorable over static-spectrum grown products. At full output, this fixture is 3500 kelvin with a range from 3000 kelvin to 5100 kelvin.



      Download Specifications Sheet

      Wattage draw Flower: 618 watts
      Veg 231 watts
      HID equivalent 1000 watt HID fixture
      LEDs Samsung warm and cool white light diodes + 660nm Deep Red
      LED lifetime 100,000 hours (L90)
      PPF 1460 umol/s
      PAR efficacy 2.4 umol/j
      Coverage area Veg: 6' x 6'
      Flower: 4' x 4' to 5' x 5'
      Mounting height Flower: 20-24"
      Veg: 36"
      Thermal management 6 x cooling fans
      Weight 30 lbs
      Dimensions 25.2" x 21.9” x 4.5"
      Operating/input voltage 90-277VAC; 50Hz-60Hz
      Amperage Veg channel: 120v: 2.05A; 240v: 1.025A
      Flower channel (both channels on): 120v: 5.15A; 240v: 2.57
      BTUs at max power 2108
      Driver efficiency 95%
      Finish White paint finish
      Product includes Fixture with power cord (does not include hanging hardware)
      Additional information Built to UL 1598 standard, BAA & RoHS compliant
      Recommended for Grow tents, Grow rooms, Large indoor grows, Vegetative growth and/or flowering, Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower, Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems
      Manufacturer's warranty 5-years


      Download Specifications Sheet


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      Through Honnah’s tenacious desire to reconnect with the food and medicine we use, Blooming Flora was born. At Blooming Flora, we believe that everyone should have access to healthy food and medicine. It’s through this belief that we offer the very tools necessary to grow your own resources - so you too can reconnect with the food and medicine you put into your body.
      Whether it’s due to a lack of yard space or zoning regulations, not everyone can cultivate organic produce and medicinal plants in their front yard. With this in mind, we’ve created the ultimate source of indoor horticulture products for your every need.
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