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We are passionate about the products we sell and are also massively passionate about our customers. Our foremost goal is to be the most customer-centric brand in the indoor horticulture market. We primarily specialize in LED grow lighting systems for home and commercial grow applications.
What sets us apart from the rest? Large generic retailers lack the specialized knowledge to answer specific questions on assembly, warranty, product benefits and features. We know our product line inside and out so we can give you the details and knowledgeable answers to any of the questions that you may have.

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  • We have been in business since 2017 and have thousands of satisfied customers, see what they had to say here!  
In our eyes, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, organic, and affordable food and medicine. We understand that people are ready to take charge of their own lives by becoming self-sustaining and no longer dependent on large grocery chains.
We believe that locally grown produce is far more sustainable than imported goods, and we think that there’s no better way to guarantee that your food and medicine are organic than by growing it yourself.
With this in mind, we started Blooming Flora. Our mission is to empower our customers with the very best indoor horticulture equipment to begin cultivating your own medicine and produce.
Not only are we determined to provide you with everything from A-Z, but we’re committed to giving you the lowest price possible to make your dreams come true.
We’re passionate about what we do, and we’d like to share this experience with each and every client. We strive to be our customer’s number one source of information, and we’re available Monday through Friday to adequately answer any questions you may have.
Indoor horticulture has become our way of life, and we’re here to share it with you.
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It all started with Honnah - the founder of Blooming Flora. Honnah realized a problem that has become pervasive in society - that no one questions where their food or medicine actually comes from. This singular thought spurred Honnah to change his lifestyle drastically, with the primary change being self-sustainability. In general, food is cultivated and processed by an endless line of humans and machines, which destroys the important connection between us and the food we eat.
Through Honnah’s tenacious desire to reconnect with the food and medicine we use, Blooming Flora was born. At Blooming Flora, we believe that everyone should have access to healthy food and medicine. It’s through this belief that we offer the very tools necessary to grow your own resources - so you too can reconnect with the food and medicine you put into your body.
Whether it’s due to a lack of yard space or zoning regulations, not everyone can cultivate organic produce and medicinal plants in their front yard. With this in mind, we’ve created the ultimate source of indoor horticulture products for your every need.
  • We are an authorized dealer for our suppliers and we ship directly from their warehouse.
  • Easy returns, personalized customer service, and a PCI compliant 128-bit secure checkout.
  • We offer rapid free shipping and charge zero taxes anywhere in the Lower 48 USA except within Wyoming.
  • With the lowest prices in the industry guaranteed, we cut out the cost of maintaining a brick-and-mortar location and pass these savings on to you.

Whether you need a top-of-the-line LED grow light system or a bomb-proof grow tent, we have you covered. We tirelessly source the highest-quality indoor horticultural products that contain trusted brand names.
Our prices are the lowest in the industry without sacrificing quality. Our online presence means we don’t have a brick-and-mortar location - which saves us money. Instead of pocketing this, we pass these savings on to you - our customers.
Our online ordering process is 100% secure and discreet - guaranteed. We’ll never surprise you with shipping fees because we ship for free - every day. With us, your indoor garden won’t have any downtime due to our incredibly fast shipping times.
Additionally, it’s our obligation to you to provide a tailored customer service experience. If you don’t enjoy your product or it’s not what you ordered, we’re here to make returns a breeze.
Call our client success team from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday at (888) 446-6151.
Chat live with our client success team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just look for the chat bubble in the lower-right corner of the page.
Email our client success team: support@bloomingflora.com and we will reply within 1-2 hours during regular business hours.

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When you’re ready to find everything you need for your indoor garden - look no further than Blooming Flora.
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In Health, 

Honnah O.

CEO & Founder


"I was on a limited budget and a lot of items were in short supply due to coronavirus. One short phone call with a very nice representative who was very well informed and I was able to get the fixtures to suit my needs and within my budget. I received my stuff quickly and could not be happier! Thank you so much guys!" - Nole S.

"I have to say the customer service has been second to none! You have made a loyal customer out of me. Will definitely be recommending you guys to everyone thanks again and I look forward to doing future business with you!" - Sean Trombly

"I’m new to Led growing and I’m blown away by the explosive growth exhibited in my plants, so much so that after a month of using one 1000 watt kind xl i ordered 3 more last week. i admit the up front cost is high but when you consider the energy savings, the Kind quality, and the incredible yields and trichome production its an investment that will pay for itself." - Billy Gray

"Thanks so much! Your company is amazing from service to product quality. Keep up the great work!" - Paul

"Just want to add my experience with the Gorilla 4X8 tent. This thing is super good quality. No other brand can compare. I recently purchased a Hydrohut 4X4 and it’s no comparison to the Gorilla. Everything about the Gorilla is better. Better and heavier material, better frame, super strong. Zippers are at least twice as good as the Hydrohut (main zipper on the Hydrohut has already developed a kink). If you buy a Gorilla tent, you will never be satisfied with any other tent. I’m adding a Gorilla 5X5 next month. Go Gorilla!" - Tim T.


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